RapidIdentity Product Guide

Using an Identity Bridge in Connect

Once an Identity Bridge has been set up and deployed, it can be used in a Connect Action Set. The example below shows a Connect Action Set that has been set up to call URL information from a bridge for logging purposes.


The new Connect command getBridgeConnectInfo has been added to RapidIdentity for this feature. This action takes one parameter, which is the name of the bridge.

If the bridge exists and is deployed, the result of that action will be an object with a host property and a port property, which are the TCP host and port used to connect to the bridged, on-premise service.


When this Action Set is run against the deployed Identity Bridge nginx, it returns relevant information about the Identity Bridge that can be used for other purposes.

In this example, we bridged an nginx web server. The Action Set issues an HTTP GET request to the web server over the bridge, and the result is the raw HTML of the nginx index page.