RapidIdentity Product Guide

User Dashboard Module

The RapidIdentity Portal Dashboard Module contains widgets providing users quick access to frequently used portal content. Applications bookmarked in the Applications module display on the Dashboard for quick launch. Some applications are configured by an administrator to be automatically bookmarked, other applications are bookmarked by the users for ease of access.

Graphs of report data can be used to view dashboard graphs and to analyze Return on Investment (ROI) metrics. The Return on Investment (ROI) for the Portal is available using the ROI calculator.

The Dashboard configuration determines the specific graphs visible. Users must be members of the Portal Dashboard Viewer role to see the ROI metrics. A variety of additional widgets will become available in future updates.

The Dashboard Module is the default landing page and is enabled for all users. Users that do not have access to ROI metrics will only see bookmarked SSO application cards, if available. System Administrators can adjust the default landing page for all users in the General Configuration Settings. System Administrators can also restrict Dashboard visibility by configuring Role or Attribute-based Access Controls in Dashboard Settings if necessary.