RapidIdentity Product Guide


It is important to note that the RapidIdentity Mobile application is not a replacement for RapidIdentity Portal on a mobile device, such a phone or tablet.

Users can access the Applications or Profiles modules in RapidIdentity Portal on their mobile device by inputting the RapidIdentity URL into their mobile device browser.

The RapidIdentity Mobile app allows users to create and store one-time password (i.e. OTP) accounts and to facilitate successful authentication to RapidIdentity.

Users can create accounts using three different input methods:

  1. Enter the RapidIdentity Server URL with your credentials.

  2. Scan a QR Code.

  3. Enter a one-time password received from RapidIdentity Server.

Users with an authentication set that includes PingMe as an authentication method can also use the RapidIdentity Mobile app to authenticate to their environment.

  • Installation

  • Create New Account

  • Server URL

  • QR Code

  • OTP Key

  • PingMe Authentication

  • Account Management

  • Delete Account

  • Settings

  • Support