RapidIdentity Product Guide


The Updates interface displays available updates to RapidIdentity in the Updates / Available Updates table and allows administrators to upgrade their environment through an update if one is available.


Updates from version 2019.12.15.x to any future versions are currently a Custom Update and require Support assistance.


Available updates will be only those updates that are valid for the current license.

When updates are available, the updates table populates any available versions and each version will have an Install button to the right of the RapidIdentity version.


Once the install button is clicked, RapidIdentity opens a dialog to confirm the install of the new version.

Once a version is selected and confirmed, everything in the cluster upgrades at the same time.

Custom Updates

Custom Updates can only be done via RapidIdentity Support, as you will need to know three pieces of very specific data in order for that to be successful: Filename, Timestamp, and Checksum. This information would be provided by Identity Automation Support if a custom update is recommended for your environment.