RapidIdentity Product Guide

Standard (unprompted) Workstation Installation

Standard (unprompted) workstation installation of the RapidIdentity Credential Provider Module is accomplished from a command-line execution and requires Administrator or System privileges.

Follow these three steps to install the credential provider through the command line.

  1. Right mouse click the shortcut for Command Prompt , select Run as , and choose Administrator.

  2. Run the command listed below using the syntax provided: 

    msiexec /passive /i <UNC path of .msi file to install> 
    ARMSURL=https://<RapidIdentity Portal Address> ALLUSERS=1
  3. After successful installation of the RapidIdentity Credential Provider Module and upon next user login to the workstation, the option to Switch User will have an additional user entry named Forgot My Password displays. The Identity Automation logo is displayed as its user picture.

If the RapidIdentity server URL needs to be modified after completing the installation, it is best to uninstall the Credential Provider and then reinstall the Credential Provider with the revised URL.