RapidIdentity Product Guide

Service Identities

During the installation of the RapidIdentity Client for Windows, licensed and released separately from RapidIdentity, an API Key that has been generated from the RapidIdentity Server must be entered. This key can be generated using Service Identities in Configuration > Security > Service Identities.


For complete installation steps for the RapidIdentity Client for Windows, click here.

Create a Service Identity

A Service Identity must be created before generating the API key.

  1. Click Service Identitiesfrom the RapidIdentity Configuration module's Security section.


    Only Tenant Administrators or System Administrators have access to this menu.

  2. Existing Service Identities will display in the workspace. Click Add New Service Identities + if the Service Identity is not displayed.

  3. From the "Add Service Identity" window, enter a Name and an optional Description for the Service Identity. Click Save.

  4. The Service Identity will now be displayed in the workspace.

  5. Enter a Description and select a Role from the drop-down that will be associated with the key. If additional roles are to be added, a new Service Identity will need to be created.

Assign the Key to the Service Identity

The API Key can now be generated by using the existing Service Identity. Each key must be assigned to a role in RapidIdentity.

  1. From the Service Identity workspace, hover over the entry and click the Keys button that will appear in the third column.

  2. Click the Add Key+ button in the top right.

    1. If there have been keys assigned to the Service Identity, the value will be listed in the ID column.

  3. Enter the Description and select the Authentication API Consumer role. To assign multiple roles, click +Add Another Role and select additional roles.



    After the API Key has been saved with an associated Service Identity, additional roles can not be added, a new key must be generated and linked to the additional role(s).

  4. Save the Key information.

  5. The entry with the new Key will now be listed on the Service Identities > Keys workspace.

  6. Click Details in the right column to view the entry.

    1. Click to toggle Show Secret Key and Hide Secret Key to copy the key for RapidIdentity Client for Windows installation.

    2. Click the Copy icon to place the Secret Key on the clipboard.

    3. If the roles associated with this key require updates, deselect the Enabled checkbox, as a new key must be generated. Click Save to update this status.

    4. The information that was originally entered when the key was generated will be displayed.