RapidIdentity Product Guide

RESTPoints Method Fields

The configurable fields available to edit are based the Method/Path (i.e. the HTTP verb) selected.





Click the checkbox to enable the RESTPoint.


An optional description for the RESTPoint.

HTTP Method

Required. The method the RESTPoint will use.

Supported methods: GET; DELETE; HEAD; OPTIONS; PUT; PATCH; and POST


Required. The path must start with a forward slash and may contain one or more path parameter placeholders in the form of {name} as described by the @Path annotation in the JAX-RS API.

The combination of the Method and Path must be unique within the project.

If the project is called "test", the Project Base URL will be: https://server[:port]/dss/ws/restpoints/test/

When the project is <Main>, the Project Base URL is: https://server[:port]/dss/ws/restpoints/.main/


The MIME media type that the RESTPoint expects as the content of the REST Request.

*This field is only enabled for PUT, PATCH, and POST methods.


The MIME media type that the RESTPoint will return in the REST Response.

The available MIME media types are: application/json, application/octet-stream, application/xml, application/x-www-form-urlencoded, text/csv, text/plain, text/xml, and */*.


The default authentication is the same as the project, however, the default authentication can be overridden on a specific RESTPoint.

Each enabled RESTPoint must have at least one authentication method defined.

Same As Project

Use the same authentication method as is configured in the project's Details menu. Note that if this box is checked, the rest of the options become disabled.

OAuth 1.0a

The REST request is signed as described in the OAuth Core1.0a specification using an empty string for the value of both oauth_token and oauth_token_secret and the HMAC-SHA1 or HMAC-SHA256 signing method.

HTTP Basic (using OAuth keys)

HTTP Basic Authentication using the OAuth consumer key as the username, and consumer secret as the password.

HTTP Basic (using Username/Password)

RapidIdentity roles or permissions - any username/password that can be used to authenticate to RapidIdentity will be able to call the RESTPoint.


Does not require any authentication.

Action Set

Required. The Action Set to which the RESTPoint maps.

After you select an Action Set here, if that Action Set has any input properties, you will also get a set of fields to specify how to map the REST request to those input properties.