RapidIdentity Product Guide

Resetting a Password on the Windows Client

If a password has been forgotten, it can be reset by authenticating using a secondary method set up by the system administrator. The Windows Client only supports Challenge Questions to reset a password.

  1. On the main login screen, enter your username.

  2. At the password prompt, choose Forgot Password to initiate the Forgot Password workflow.

  3. To access the password reset option, answer some Challenge Questions. These should have been set up during your initial login session.

  4. Once the Challenge questions have been correctly answered, you will be presented with a screen where you can reset your password.


    Ensure the password criteria at the top are met in order to successfully reset your password.

  5. Once you click Next, if all of the criteria have been addressed, you will receive a confirmation screen that the password was changed successfully. Click Done to log in with the new password.