RapidIdentity Product Guide

RapidIdentity Portal

Welcome to the RapidIdentity Portal Component page.

There are two guides listed on this page. The guides shown below make two assumptions:

  1. The User's Guide assumes you are not a technology professional (programmer/developer, help desk agent, network engineer, system administrator, etc.). Consequently, the User's Guide employs easier-to-understand language, and is the recommended starting point for everyone new to RapidIdentity Portal, even if you are a technology professional.

    If your workplace role is "manager," "teacher," or similar title, you may have direct reports or students. In these cases, your particular user account is likely to have higher-level privileges (i.e. assign users to groups or reset user challenge questions). If your role results in higher-level privileges, the Administrator's Guide likely contains answers to questions that may arise. Please consult the Administrator's Guide prior to contacting Identity Automation Support.

  2. The Administrator's Guide assumes you are a technology professional. Consequently, this guide employs language that is more technical and assumes that everything in the User's Guide is readily understandable.

Let's begin by accessing the RapidIdentity Portal.