RapidIdentity Product Guide

RapidIdentity Folders

RapidIdentity Folders is an Active Directory environment software application that allows users to create, provision, and manage home or group shared folder policies for their on-premise environments, essentially providing lifecycle management for Active Directory users' home directories. It also provides the functionality of easily moving folders from one area to another as users move to different areas within the system, and significantly more granular control over permissions for access by users and groups.


Folders administrators should have a good understanding of the underlying Active Directory folder structure and aligning policies.

To access the Folders module, ensure the correct Folders License has been installed and obtain one of the following System Roles:

  • Folders Admin

  • Folders Operator

  • Folders Auditor

From the main selection menu, navigate to Folders.


From that screen, access each of the different menu items within the Folders module.


Each menu choice is described in more detail in the following sections:

Follow the overall Folders Module Workflow for initial setup and administration.