RapidIdentity Product Guide

RapidIdentity Connect Administrator's Guide Organization

Unlike RapidIdentity Portal, RapidIdentity Connect does not contain separate User's and Administrator's Guides since the RapidIdentity Connect end user is most often a system administrator or otherwise equivalent-level technology professional.

Consequently, given how RapidIdentity Connect functions and what it can do, this guide also assumes the reader has basic to intermediate level programming/scripting, network, and database functionality knowledge.

The RapidIdentity Connect Administrator's Guide is divided into these content areas:

The Overview provides a high-level description of the RapidIdentity Connect application and representative RapidIdentity Connect solution examples while Using RapidIdentity Connect describes the basic user interface.

Actions and Action Sets are the cores of RapidIdentity Connect, and Introduction to Actions provides a high-level overview of the two principal Actions groupings.

Each RapidIdentity Connect module contains functional information and also more detailed user interface explanations since the RapidIdentity Connect UI is module-specific.