RapidIdentity Product Guide

RapidIdentity Alternate Actions

When an alternate action is triggered, RapidIdentity sends information to the Connect module. The Connect module passes that information to the designated action set, which executes the coded actions and returns a result to RapidIdentity. This return should be formatted as JSON.

For each alternate action, the Action Set Parameters are what get sent to Connect. The Connect action set should have these defined as Input Properties. The Action Set Return Value is what the Connect action set needs to return to RapidIdentity.

Creating a return record, formatting it as JSON, and returning it would look similar to the below example:

#Create return record
    returnRecord = createRecord(false)
    addRecordFieldValue(returnRecord, "success", true)
    addRecordFieldValue(returnRecord, "message", "Password successfully reset.")
#Format return record as JSON
    recordJSON = toJSON(returnRecord)
    return recordJSON