RapidIdentity Product Guide

QR Code

Follow these five steps to create a new account using QR Code:

  1. Use any device other than the device on which RapidIdentity Mobile is installed to access the service provider's account security section to enable multi-factor or 2-factor authentication; service providers vary in how this setting is labeled and organized.

  2. After this service provider setting is accessed, a QR Code displays on the screen.

  3. In the RapidIdentity Mobile application on your device, click Scan QR Code.

  4. If you want this account to be password protected with a PIN, toggle Secure Account and then enter and confirm the PIN on the next screen. Secure Account requires entering the PIN to access the OTP token and to reveal the OTP secret. If you feel a PIN is not necessary, click  Start Scanning to activate the camera to scan the QR Code.

  5. Point the camera at the QR Code to scan the QR Code and make sure the horizontal red line is over the QR Code. It may be necessary to tap the mobile device screen to focus the camera. Once the device camera scans the QR Code the account will be set up automatically and display on the RapidIdentity Mobile Accounts screen.

  6. The left screenshot shows a Secure Account with the OTP token hidden and the right screenshot shows an account setup with Secure Account not enabled.