RapidIdentity Product Guide

QR Code Authentication

QR Code authentication requires a supported browser and platform.

For the example shown below, the authentication policy requires QR Code first, and then a password. 


Insecure QR codes represent a username credential, and Secure QR codes can represent both username and password credentials.


Selecting Scan QR Code directs users to a screen to allow QR Code scanning with the user's laptop camera; the camera window in the screenshot below is dark for testing. It will be necessary to allow the browser to activate the webcam to scan the QR Code.


The Flip Camera Horizontally option provides the ability to switch the direction the camera displays in the visible space for user comfort. This has no effect on RapidIdentity's ability to read a QR code.



Android OS version 10 users need to select the Camera2 1, facing front option from the camera dropdown menu.


For Insecure QR codes, once the initial QR Code is scanned successfully the user is redirected to a page to enter their password. Secure QR codes will automatically satisfy the password requirement in any RapidIdentity authentication policy.


Some policies may have further requirements, such as challenge questions or pictographs.