RapidIdentity Product Guide

Proxy As

The Proxy As functionality allows Proxy Agents -- authorized users such as managers and administrators -- to act as other users, who are referred to as Proxy Targets. When enabled, users can proxy as any of their direct reports, and helpdesk or system administrators can proxy as anyone - but are limited to what the role allows.

Proxy As capabilities are based on each module and the Proxy Target's permissions within it.

Enable or disable this feature in Configuration > General. The rest of the actions associated with this functionality are explained in Configure Proxy As.

Configure Proxy As

Proxy As is a RapidIdentity feature that replaces the legacy My Teams and Other Teams functions. This feature must first be enabled in Configuration > General > Proxy As.

To set up the Proxy As functionality:

  1. Ensure the Global Proxy As setting is enabled in Configuration > General > Proxy As .

  2. In the People Module, click the Settings cog and choose Delegations.

  3. Add a new Delegation or click the Details button next to the delegation to be modified.

  4. Enter or confirm all relevant data, then activate the Enable Proxy As checkbox and click Save.

  5. This will enable the Proxy As functionality for all of the users within that delegation.

Using Proxy As

Once Proxy As has been enabled, users can go to their Self-Service menu and choose the Proxy As function.


The current user then sees a list of available Proxy Targets. Choose the appropriate user and confirm your selection.


A yellow frame will appear around the periphery of the screen, indicating that you are now in a Proxy As session. You will be able to do many things on this screen that the chosen user would be able to do. This includes approving or denying requests, viewing available applications (but not deploying them), and accessing the user's file shares.


For security purposes, Proxy As users cannot open the user's applications, access the user's account settings, or open the user's files.


Once the Proxy session is complete, click on the Self-Service menu and choose End Proxy Session. To log out of RapidIdentity completely from this screen, choose Logout.