RapidIdentity Product Guide

PingMe Authentication

RapidIdentity Mobile enables users with the PingMe authentication method to authenticate to their environment.

The PingMe method integrates with the RapidIdentity Mobile client to send a push authentication request to the user's mobile device. When the user accepts the request, RapidIdentity Federation authenticates the user immediately.

Follow these two steps to authenticate with PingMe:

  1. Tap the RapidIdentity Mobile notification on your device or click Approve or Deny.

  2. The actual notification contains the Domain\username of the user attempting to authenticate with PingMe.

  3. If the notification is tapped without clicking Approve or Deny in the push notification, RapidIdentity Mobile presents an approval screen to authenticate. Depending on the policy, users may be required to enter a PIN before approval. It is also possible that a custom message may be configured for your authentication, in place of "Please enter your Authorizing PIN".

  4. Once approved, an approved status message displays and you will be authenticated to your environment. Click OK.