RapidIdentity Product Guide

Mobile Devices

The Configuration > Policies > Mobile Devices screen allows administrators to configure settings surrounding mobile devices used to authenticate users to RapidIdentity with features such as PingMe.


For this to function properly, an LDAP Attribute with the type Phone Number must be defined and configured in the Global Attribute List. This attribute must appear in the Mobile Number Attribute in the LDAP > User Settings menu before mobile devices can be registered.

Table 75. Mobile Devices Settings Fields



Registration timeout (hours)

The lifetime of mobile registration codes


When an enrollment is initiated, a registration code is created and sent to the user (via email/SMS). This registration code may be used to register the mobile device and is valid for this configured value.

One-time password length (6-8)

The number of characters to be generated for the OTP Key. Note that this needs to be between 6 and 8 characters

Push login timeout (seconds)

The number of seconds until the push notification sent for authentication will no longer be active

Max time skew (seconds)

Number of seconds by which to customize the allowed time tolerance


PingMe relies on the mobile device having a reliable time source. If time on the device differs considerably from that on the server, PingMe and other mobile device functions will fail. This setting allows the administrator to adjust for the environment.

SMS text message

This field defines the text message sent to users upon initial registration of a mobile device if the Mobile Number Attribute for that user has already been defined. To change the variables presented here, click Edit SMS text message. The labels can be typeset manually, and the token values can be entered at the cursor space by clicking the appropriate button.


In the action bar at the bottom of the screen is a View mobile devices option. Clicking this will list each of the mobile devices that have been registered to the current RapidIdentity system.