RapidIdentity Product Guide

Local LDAP Server

The Local LDAP Server menu allows administrators to configure the Server Status, whether to Start-At-Boot, and the Password sync key.

Selecting the Local LDAP Server Main Menu item displays the current Server Status.


Selecting the current Server Status opens a submenu to configure the Server Status, whether to Start-At-Boot, and the Password sync key.


The LDAP Server Status and Start-At-Boot options are identical to the Local Database.

The Password Sync Key is used by OpenLDAP to encrypt captured passwords and its functionality is analogous to the Active Directory Password Filter. Selecting this option enables the installation or update of the public key to encrypt captured passwords.


Password Sync Key Considerations

Depending on the environment and the directory service associated with RapidIdentity, it may be necessary to install or update the Password Sync Key when using OpenLDAP and RapidIdentity. Sometimes the Password Sync may not be installed or running, or the instance may be a standalone component whose sole purpose is to host the OpenLDAP server and the RapidIdentity Server(s) are hosted elsewhere. It is usually helpful to update the Password Sync Key when integrating OpenLDAP with RapidIdentity.