RapidIdentity Product Guide


The Integration interface serves two functions to support the RapidIdentity configuration for API calls to Connect and Federation.

  1. Configure the connection settings used in Portal Alternate Actions and Workflow Connect Actions to call Connect Action Sets.

  2. Configure the connection settings used for Self-Service management of Federation Authentication Credentials.

RapidIdentity Connect

When RapidIdentity Appliance and RapidIdentity Connect are configured on the same server, the URL should be https://localhost:8443.

For example:


The Connect Password field is visible after checking the red Update Password box.

Table 87. Connect Fields

Field Name


Connect URL

The URL to the instance of RapidIdentity Connect that will be called.

Enable Trace Logging

Controls whether or not RapidIdentity Connect actions sets will log verbose trace message when invoked from RapidIdentity Portal.

Connect Username

The username that will be used for RapidIdentity Connect authentication.

Alternate Actions

The Alternate Actions section allows administrators to provide a custom implementation (in the form of a Connect Action Set) for some Portal actions. This becomes more useful after Connect has been set up and properly configured.

Enter the name of a Connect action in the associated field to replace its functionality as listed.

Notification Actions

Unlike Alternate Actions, Notification Actions do not replace Connect logic but instead, add to it. Enable a Connect action by entering it in the appropriate Roles field in this section.

RapidIdentity Federation

The Federation Password field is visible after checking the red Update Password box.

Table 88. Federation Fields

Field Name


Federation Hostname

The hostname for RapidIdentity Federation.


If you're running Federation and Portal on the same appliance, you can use localhost or the FQDN of that single appliance.

Federation Username

The username for RapidIdentity Federation.

Federation Debug Level

The debug level for RapidIdentity Federation can be either of three values:

  1. None (default)

  2. Basic Debug: includes RapidIdentity Federation only

  3. Full Debug: includes all connected components with the browser