RapidIdentity Product Guide


The installation of RapidIdentity Mobile on a mobile device is simple.

As a representative example, the sequence below displays the RapidIdentity Mobile installation on an Android phone. Depending on the device and its operating system, the display screens may vary slightly.

Follow these three steps to install RapidIdentity Mobile on a mobile device:

  1. Go to the Apple or Google app store specific for your device. Search for and install RapidIdentity. Links to each of these app stores can also be found on the RapidIdentity Downloads page.

  2. An icon for the RapidIdentity Mobile application may appear on the mobile screen and the application may launch. If the application does not launch, navigate to the applications list or shortcut and launch RapidIdentity Mobile.

  3. When the installation is complete, click the Identity Automation logo to begin the account setup process.

  4.  Once the application is open, click Continue to create a new account using the Server URL, QR Code, or OTP key.

  5. Security Settings Troubleshooting

  6. Depending on the mobile device security settings and preferences, the installer may be blocked initially. If this occurs, click the link to navigate to the security settings and enable this application to install.

  7. The installer will launch and RapidIdentity Mobile displays a screen stating what device components are necessary to access. Click Install.

  8. The installation sequence will proceed and when complete allows users to open the application by clicking Open or to exit the installer by clicking Done.