RapidIdentity Product Guide

Identity Providers

The Identity Providers section of RapidIdentity's Security category hosts and provides visibility and access to the settings surrounding network authentication.

SAML SSO Integration requires cooperative efforts from three different parties:

  • Identity Automation (i.e., the Identity Provider, via RapidIdentity)

  • The Service Provider (i.e., Remote Vendor, the desired endpoint)

  • The Customer Organization

Identity Automation, through its RapidIdentity product, facilitates information data exchange between the Customer environment and the desired endpoint, an action known as Federation. RapidIdentity provides access to the RapidIdentity IdP metadata, certificate information, and LDAP attribute configuration; this information is accessible after completing the RapidIdentity Installation process.

Each Service Provider is unique and is the ultimate decision-maker with respect to how any organization can access its service. Thus, each Service Provider configuration, while it contains the same overall sequence, varies slightly with respect to the specific configuration settings.

Refer to the Federation sections for detailed information.