RapidIdentity Product Guide

Global Search

Global Search allows users to type into the search field any of the user's searchable GAL attributes that meet qualifications and that the current user has permissions to see via their Delegations.

This section explains how to use the Global Search function.

  1. Click in the Global Search bar.

  2. While typing, data recognition will compare the entered text to all searchable GAL items that exist in all delegations the current user has access to view, and display results for each module.

  3. Click the relevant search result to open the record.



    The Actions button on this menu provides the current user access to any actions that can be taken as defined by delegation configuration and permissions.

Advanced Search

Use the Advanced Search option to return more complex and precise search results.

  1. From the Global Search Bar, click Start Advanced Search.

  2. Advanced search options will load in the window. Select from which module to search within.

  3. Click Please enter a query expression to set the search parameters. The search parameters will build with subsequent clicks and space bar recognition in the query expression bar. Available data in the system will populate while building the query.

    1. For example, a search for an application with the name "license" from the Test1 or Administrative categories will build as seen in the following screen.

  4. Click the magnifying glass to perform the search and view results.

  5. Hover over the appropriate entry, and click Details to view the properties of the search results.

  6. Click Launch to open the returned object.

Global Search Configuration Requirements

The attributes used for Global Search must fulfill both of the following criteria:

  • The attribute must be in the set of GAL items configured for the following properties in the LDAP Users configuration: username, firstName, lastName, email, distinguisher, image, or mobilenumber.

    • For RapidIdentity configured against Active Directory, the following values constitute a valid example configuration:

      • username: sAMAccountName

      • firstName: givenName

      • lastName: sn

      • email: mail

      • distinguisher: mail

      • image: idautoPersonPhotoURL

      • mobileNumberAttribute: null

  • The GAL item must be searchable.

    • For RapidIdentity configured against Active Directory, the following constitutes a valid example set of GAL configuration for the above attributes:

      • username: searchable

      • firstName: searchable

      • lastName: searchable

      • email: searchable

      • With the remaining attributes either not configured or not searchable

    • In this example, the users portion of the global search will only be able to search using this set of attributes: username, firstName, lastName, email.