RapidIdentity Product Guide

G-Suite API Quotas

Google basically has two classes of API’s:  billable and non-billable. Billable API’s have a courtesy daily transaction limit and if you need to exceed that limit you have to enter billing information and then you are billed for transactions in excess of the courtesy limit. Non-billable API’s also have a courtesy daily transaction limit and if you need to exceed that limit you can make a request to have the limit raised and it will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The APIs the G-Suite Adapter uses are primarily part of the Admin SDK, which is NOT a billable API. It has a courtesy limit of 150,000 transactions per day per Project (as defined in Google Developers Console). That limit should be sufficient for organizations up to about 50,000 people, but may not be sufficient for larger organizations, at least not for the initial on-boarding process and start/end of term for large educational institutions.Google will usually grant requests for an increased quota as long as you can reasonably justify it, but it’s hard to say how high they would actually raise it. Since quotas are associated with a Developer Console Project, an alternative to requesting an increased quota is to create and use multiple projects (and consequently multiple OAuth2 credentials) and using each project credential in a round-robin fashion to decrease the amount of quota used by any individual project. There are also per/user rate limits (transactions per second), with user really defined primarily as the ip address of the API client. In the case of the G-Suite adapters a user would actually be a single DSS appliance or possibly (if behind NAT) multiple appliances. The per/user rate limits can be raised in the Developer console to pretty much anything want them to be since the purpose of the per user limits is keep a single user from using up too much of your daily quota in a scenario such as a large web site using a single Project acting on behalf of millions of users. The default rate limit is 15 requests per second. Depending on your usage this may be insufficient and will result in occasional throttling messages showing up in your Action Set logs. If these messages happen on a regular basis, you will probably want to increase the per user limit for Admin SDK. Follow these steps to obtain the quota settings for a project.

  1. Log into Google using credentials that you want to own the Client ID and Client Secret.

  2. Browse to Google Cloud Console (i.e. Google Developers Console).

  3. Open the project.

  4. Navigate to APIs & Auth | API’s.

  5. For each API that has been enabled for the project, there is a Quota column that will show how much of the daily quota has been used, and if you hover over that field will show you the actual quota.

  6. If you click on the Admin SDK, and then Quota link you’ll go to a page allows you to adjust the per user limits and request additional quota.

For more information, visit the Google Cloud Platform Console Help Center.