RapidIdentity Product Guide

Exploring the Interface

Upon login, RapidIdentity Portal may direct users to the Applications Module. The Application Module displays all SSO applications available to a user, based on their role and attribute settings. Users can bookmark applications to appear on their Dashboard.

Organizations using RapidIdentity Portal for SSO Applications should encourage their users to bookmark favorite applications and take full advantage of the Dashboard Module's application launchpad.

  1. If Applications is not selected automatically, click Applications from the module selector.

  2. The left menu items My Applications allows the user to quickly access applications from All, Bookmarks, Catalog, or Community. The left menu content can be customized based on categories. Categories and applications in each category are determined by RapidIdentity Portal Applications module administrators.

    1. All: All applications in the Portal will be displayed

    2. Bookmarks: Select the Bookmarks checkbox in My Applications to display only the favorites. All users can manage favorite applications.

    3. Catalog: All applications that have been imported for use by an administrator for use in the Portal. User access will control which applications can be launched.

    4. Community: Contains prebuilt applications an administrator can utilize. When imported, the application will be placed into the Catalog.

  3. From the workspace content, select the flag to bookmark the application as a favorite.

  4. View applications in workspace content.

The RapidIdentity Portal Applications module supports Voice Navigation screen readers to aid visually impaired users. Two examples of voice navigation software compatible with RapidIdentity Portal are ChromeVox and JAWS.