RapidIdentity Product Guide

Dashboard Settings

The Dashboard Settings menu allows administrators to clear ROI history, define the maximum number of days to tally ROI data and to configure Dashboard module visibility. To access this menu, click the gear icon at the top right of the main Dashboard screen and select Settings.



The legacy UI kept this information in Configuration > General Tab.

Settings Menu

Review Configuring Module Visibility to configure RBAC or ABAC module visibility.

Clear all ROI History

This action button allows administrators to remove all ROI module history data.



Once ROI data is removed it is gone forever!

Max Days to Keep ROI Tallies

Hourly data can be tallied for a defined number of days; 30 days is the default setting; 999999 days is the maximum number allowed.


As the number of days increases, total database size increases. Exercise caution to avoid filling up the database server disk.

To disable day tallying, set the number of days to zero.


Enable Wildcard (*) Searches

Checking this box enables the Group Selection Tool in the Extended Admin tab to use the Wildcard character when searching for groups to include or exclude.

Access Control

Choose whether the Access Control should exist for the user's Dashboard, and if so, whether it should be Role-Based or Attribute-Based access control. Choosing either of these options will require further configuration.