RapidIdentity Product Guide

Dashboard Graphs

The Dashboard Graphs menu provides administrators and users with executive-level permissions a location to configure the ROI Types and Graphs. To access this menu, click the gear icon at the top right of the main Dashboard screen and select Graphs.

ROI Custom Graph Manager

The ROI Custom Graph Manager allows administrators to select which aggregated graphs can display for specific modules within the Dashboard.


To add a Graph, click the Add Graph button.



The graphs are a fixed list of items in the product, and you can only add from what is already in the list. This provides an opportunity to create and add custom graphs to the Dashboard.

Enter a Graph Name and select ROI Types from the drop-down list to assign to the Graph. When all of the desired ROI Types have been chosen, click the Enabled checkbox to make the graph go live.


The end result of this selection process displays on the right side and bottom of the RapidIdentity Dashboard.

ROI Type Manager

The ROI Type Manager allows administrators some editing authority to built-in types and new custom types.


Built-in types cannot be removed and only have a Save option when limited fields are altered. Types that have been added or customized may be removed by clicking Delete.

Built-in types have the Custom ROI Type value set to False, signifying the inability to remove the type.

  • Custom ROI Types have this field set to True. A warning message will appear before the type is deleted.

Administrators may edit the names of built-in types to suit specific organization needs.

Custom types are most typically used in conjunction with special RapidIdentity Connect actions that increment those tallies.

The Monetary Value default setting is 22, however, administrators can assign any ROI type any monetary value.

To add a new ROI Type, simply click Add ROI Type.


In the window that follows, enter an ROI Type ID, an ROI Type Name, and the Monetary Value to be assigned to the ROI Type.

Table 10. Add ROI Type Fields




Enter a unique string to identify the ROI Type

ROI Type Name

The name that will be displayed for that ROI Type

Monetary Value

The amount of money associated with the ROI Type. This number will be used to calculate savings that have accumulated in the number of days