RapidIdentity Product Guide

Created Roles List

When selecting the roles to display from the left menu items, My Roles, Other Roles, or Team Roles, the workspace will display all available roles.


The workspace may initially be empty if no roles have been created.

If a user is listed as a role manager by either the Role Owner or another Role Membership Manager, then the workspace will be populated with available roles on the first login.

All workspace content columns are sortable. To sort, click on the column header and adjust accordingly.

Table 4. Column Headers





The checkboxes are used to select one or multiple rows. Records can be selected by clicking on the checkbox, by clicking anywhere on the row. Select all entries by clicking the top checkbox in the header row.

Select multiple rows by selecting multiple checkboxes.


The designated role name


A short text description of the role


The Type of the role

Create Date

The time stamp of when the role was created


Describes the current sync status of the role; if the status is Sync Needed, select the roles to be synced and click the Sync icon in the next column.


The action bar at the bottom of the workspace allows for a user to perform actions on the selected roles. Available action buttons are dependent upon the users permissions in the system.


Action Button



Manually Import roles from the Community.

Export Results

Export results to a CSV file.


Print the list of roles in the workspace.


Clone the selected roles to be added to My Roles.


Select to delete the selected roles


Select to sync the selected roles.

Import Roles

Users have the option to import previously existing LDAP groups into RapidIdentity as Roles.

Import Requirements

The Import Roles function imports group objects that exist underneath the Group Base DN configured for LDAP. In IDaaS environments, this is defined as ou=Groups,dc=meta, but can be completely different in other environments.

All existing members of the group will become "Static Includes" of the Role after the import completes.


Importing a group requires at least one valid idautoGroupOwners attribute value. One valid value is the user DN having the ROLES_GROUP_MANAGER role.

Importing Roles

From the Roles workspace, select Import from the bottom Action bar buttons.


The Import Roles dialogue box will appear.

Choose an available role from the Role to Import drop-down list.


Users can also select the following options:

  1. Import All Roles: Imports all available roles into My Roles

  2. Sync After Import: Select this option to automatically sync the role updates in the system. If this is not selected, the "Sync Needed" status will display in the My Roles workspace.