RapidIdentity Product Guide

Create/Update Backlog

The Create/Update Backlog section is used to process any actions that may be queued up in regards to Folder actions. This Backlog menu displays in-progress operations for creating or updating folders based on current policies and templates. These actions may include adding or altering a user in the Active Directory, causing a change to the access a user has to a particular folder in the system. The user's home folder, which is the folder that they are assigned as their default folder by an administrator, may change or other permissions to additional folders may require processing.

When first accessing the Create/Update Backlog, the workspace may be empty.


In order to populate the backlog from this screen, click the +Add All Users to Backlog action button.


This action button is useful to test Access Control List (ACL) or Drive Settings/Path; however, use caution as large user object numbers may take long periods to process. To add a smaller number of users to the backlog, use the Browse section to search based on LDAP or DN and add users to the backlog that way.


You will be prompted to confirm the action. Click Yes to :

  • Incorporate all users into the Backlog

  • Direct the Folders module to re-evaluate the current Folders objects against the current policies

  • Make changes to Folders where necessary

After users have been added to the Backlog, the First Name, Last Name and Username login/DN will be displayed.


Click the Details by a user to view their information. Click the Copy icon to copy the ID for further use if needed. Upon closing the details screen, the Backlog will reset.