RapidIdentity Product Guide

Connect Settings - Projects

A RapidIdentity Connect project is the comprehensive collection and organization of all Action Sets to accomplish one or more designated tasks.


The Projects screen is accessed from the Settings menu visible at the bottom of the Connect menu. Navigate to Connect > Settings > Projects to enable the main Projects screen.


From the main Projects screen, select an existing project to activate Action Buttons for that project to Delete, Export, Clone, or  Import a project. The Export option saves a project as a "dssproject" file.


To edit an existing project, hover over the project line and click the Details button in the rightmost column. This will prompt a right sidebar menu.


Updating any of the interface fields activates the Save button. Clicking the magnifying glass icon to the right of the Admin, Operator, or Auditor field boxes opens a directory service browser window.

Admin, Operator, and Auditor are project-specific roles. These grant the same privileges to a single project that the corresponding system roles Connect Admin, Connect Operator, and Connect Auditor grant for all projects. More information on Roles is available in Roles Defined.


Notwithstanding individual customer needs, administrators can navigate to locate the appropriate LDAP group to assign Admin, Operator, or Auditor roles.