RapidIdentity Product Guide

Connect OAuth1 Consumers Module

The OAuth1 Consumers interface allows administrators to generate the OAuth1 Consumer Key and Consumer Secret for use with the RESTPoints OAuth 1.0a and HTTP Basic (using OAuth Keys) authentication methods. You can create Consumers for any existing project or All (*) projects, and that consumer will be open to any Action Set and RESTPoint within that project.



Consumer credentials created under All (*) projects are accessible by any project on the system. This option is only available in OAuth1 Consumers and OAuth 2 Credentials.


To see the Consumer Key and the Consumer Secret, click Details at the bottom right of the OAuth1 Consumer card.


The Consumer Secret is hidden by default and can be view by clicking Show. Clicking Hide hides the Consumer Secret.


Both the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret are immutable, however, it is possible to delete and recreate a Consumer with the same name to regenerate.