RapidIdentity Product Guide

Connect Jobs Module

In RapidIdentity, an Action Set that has been configured and scheduled to run at a predetermined time is called a job. The Connect Jobs Module shows each of the jobs that have been previously built and scheduled, and provides administrators with the ability to create, configure, run, and manage jobs.


To create a new job, click Add Job +. The resulting right sidebar will have two tabs: Details and Schedule.

Add Job - Details Tab

This tab holds the majority of the configuration data for the job. The menu's screenshot has been split into two for spacing purposes.


Add Job - Details Tab

Table 306. Add Job - Details Tab Fields




Give the job a name (must be unique within the project)


Optional brief description of the job

Action Set

Choose an Action Set


If the selected Action Set has any input parameters, fields for those parameters will also display.

Enable Trace

Click this checkbox to enable detailed tracing on this job

Skip if Previous Instance Still Running

Click this checkbox to disregard the scheduled run time if a previous instance of the job is still running

Enable Timeout

This setting is used to keep jobs from running indefinitely. When enabled, enter the number of seconds to allow the job to run. If the job takes longer than this time, the job will be cancelled.



Setting the value to less than or equal to 0 indicates that there is no timeout.

Email Recipients

Enter the email addresses of individuals who will receive a run notification from this job

Attach Trace Log

Click this checkbox to attach a copy of the tracing on this job

Log Retention

Retention policy for the job log. There are three options:

  • Inherit - Use the same log retention policy as the parent project

  • Always Retain - Keep all logs until manually deleted. Note that this will eventually take up a significant portion of space on the server

  • Retain For - Number of days the logs should be kept before automatic deletion

Add Job - Schedule Tab

The Schedule tab provides a granular timing interface where the job can be scheduled to run by minute, hour, day, and/or month. Note that the final schedule is cumulative, and all four time categories can be used to customize the run times for that job.


Schedule Tab - Minute & Hour Configuration


Schedule Tab - Day & Month Configuration