RapidIdentity Product Guide

Common Communications and Ports

This table lists relevant ports and their roles common to all appliances.



TCP 443

HTTPS. Listens to inbound HTTPS encrypted traffic. Access to outbound is necessary to make SOAP calls, API access, and for updates.

TCP 389 or 636

636 for encryption (LDAPS). Outbound to LDAP directory to authenticate. Inbound if appliance hosts directory.

TCP 8989

Replication port of locally hosted LDAP solutions. Inbound and Outbound.

TCP 8443

Tomcat SSL port. Must be used when cluster nodes are separated by firewalls.

5432 or 3306

Postgres or MySQL for audit database. Inbound for the central database. Outbound for RapidIdentity Appliances on that port.


Mail. Specific for each customer. Outbound.

UDP 123

Network Time Protocol. Synchronization. Outbound.


DNS resolution. Outbound.

TCP 22

SSH access. Internal network only. Inbound for admins.


Kerberos. Inbound only. This port is necessary when using Kerberos as an authentication criteria or method.