RapidIdentity Product Guide

Claim My Account

Before you can log into RapidIdentity for the first time, you will need to claim your account and create a password.

  1. Navigate to the URL provided by an administrator and click Claim My Account on the Login screen that displays.

  2. Enter the requested information, such as email address associated with RapidIdentity.


    This policy is configured by the administrator and the requested information may differ in your environment.

  3. Create a password that you will remember for future authentication. Follow any listed policy requirements.



    Depending on the policy setup, there may be challenge questions or CAPTCHA identification steps at this point as well. Follow the prompts and click Next as applicable until complete.

  4. A confirmation window appears and displays the username for the confirmed account. Click Back and use this username with the newly created password to log in to RapidIdentity.



    After logging in, it is a good idea to set up your Challenge Responses should your username or password be forgotten later.