RapidIdentity Product Guide

Alternate Auto Disable Notification Action

If enabled, this Action Set will be called every time an expired Sponsored Account is automatically disabled. Please note that the notification Action Set is called after RapidIdentity Portal successfully disables the account and that the Action Set is not meant to replace the built-in functionality.

RapidIdentity Portal performs the necessary authentication/authorization/validation on the request then invokes the Action Set on the configured RapidIdentity Connect instance.

Action Set Parameters
Table 341. Parameters




The DN of the target of the operation (the account which was disabled)


An audit event ID which may be used to correlate any audit log events from invoked Action Set to the audit log event generated by the call to the RapidIdentity Portal API

Action Set Return Value

The return value from this Action Set must be a valid JSON object, but RapidIdentity Portal does not require any specific fields. The result will be included in the audit log for the operation, but it will not affect the outcome in any way.


{"success": false, "message": "The operation failed because...."}

{"success": true, "message": "The operation was successful", "new_dn": "cn=targetDN,ou=newOU,dc=example,dc=com"}