RapidIdentity Product Guide

Admin Reports Module

The RapidIdentity Portal Reports Module allows access to the database to create audit reports of Portal activity.

With the Portal Reporting Admin role, you have the ability to perform the following:

View Reports
My Reports

Upon accessing the Reports Module, the active workspace displayed in the left menu is My Reports. This menu provides an interface to display and access saved reports as well as to provide a starting point to create new reports. Users with appropriate permissions can create a new report or import a saved report. When at least one report is saved or shared, the My Reports module will have reports populated in the workspace. Choose to view these reports in Grid or List view.


The My Reports workspace displays three labeled columns. The columns with the arrows in the header are sortable in both ascending and descending order.

  • Report: The name of the report.

  • Owner: The ID of the user who manages the report.

  • Description: The brief description added during the report's creation.

When selected, existing reports will have an option to Run or view Details. Clicking Run processes the selected report, prompting for report criteria if applicable.


Enter the prompt value as needed and click Run to display the report results.


Other action buttons include Import, Export, Clone, Delete. The action buttons available depend upon the user's permissions.

  • Import: Users with appropriate permissions can create a new report or import a saved report. The report file to be imported must be a JSON file. Click Import  and select the appropriate JSON file and also rename the report with its description. Click for more information on importing system reports.

  • Export: All exported reports are saved as <Report Name>.report.json.

  • Clone: Create a new report with exactly the same criteria as the original selected report.

  • Delete: Users that have created a report or with appropriate permissions can delete the selected report.


Clicking Details allows Portal Reporting Admins to adjust report criteria for an existing report.


The top right of the screen displays who can see the report by showing Private or Public. Click Edit to change this setting, then toggle to activate the desired status.


Click Save once all settings have been adjusted.


The Settings menu at the bottom left allows Portal Reporting Admins to set extra restrictions to reports, such as the maximum number of report results to return and who can access them, which would be defined by Roles or Attributes.

  1. Simply click the Settings cog at the bottom left of the Reports screen.

  2. Determine the maximum number of report results to return (default is 1,000) and if there will be any RBAC or ABAC Access Control restrictions. Once these settings have been updated, click Save to commit them.