RapidIdentity Product Guide

Admin People Module

The People Module is the heart of RapidIdentity's ability to empower organizations to delegate identity, access administration, and provide self-service functions for end users. It can perform each of these tasks in very granular detail to enable just the right amount of control and visibility for users and administrators.

The new People module combines the capability from the classic Profiles and Sponsorship Modules. The overall functionality is analogous to the RapidIdentity Portal Profiles module in the legacy user interface, with the primary exception being that My Profile is now accessed through the Self Service Interface rather than being grouped with the other Delegations.

The People module allows users and administrators to view the following default delegations, as well as other delegations created by an administrator. These can be modified by the organization to align with business or technical needs, including removing them altogether if desired.

  1. My Team Profiles

  2. Other Profiles

  3. Whitepages

  4. Sponsored Accounts

My Team Profiles is visible to users with direct reports, such as managers or course instructors.

Other Profiles is visible to users with a help desk role.

Whitepages allows administrators to provide an interface for organization users to view demographic information for all organization users.

Sponsored Accounts is the interface to view contingent users who are otherwise not part of the organization, such as third-party contractors or interns.